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The transport industry relies heavily on accurate and comprehensive mapping data to successfully plan, design, and execute large infrastructure projects. This is where companies like Subsurface Mapping Solutions come in - with our advanced mapping technologies and expertise in data collection and analysis, we provide valuable insights into underground utilities and infrastructure, helping transport companies to avoid costly errors and delays.

Subsurface Mapping Solutions uses a range of cutting-edge technologies like Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and electromagnetic surveying to accurately map underground infrastructure, including pipes, cables, and other buried infrastructure. By providing detailed information on the precise location and condition of these assets, we enable transport companies to plan projects more efficiently, avoid costly errors, and minimise disruption to existing services.

One example of where Subsurface Mapping Solutions' expertise was invaluable is the Cross River Rail project in Southeast Queensland. The project involved excavating underground tunnels for a new rail line, which required precise knowledge of the location and condition of existing underground infrastructure. Through our mapping and surveying services, Subsurface Mapping Solutions was able to provide detailed information on all underground assets, ensuring that the project proceeded smoothly and without incident.

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