About Us

Subsurface Mapping Solutions (SMS) was founded in 2020 by industry experts to offer utility consulting and project management services, supported by a vast array of onsite field services. We aim to solve complex utility mapping problems and play a vital support role in projects involving underground utilities from end to end. The SMS focus is on using the best technology available to capture and deliver data to our clients, making projects flow as efficiently and as safe as possible.

Whether locating subsurface utilities on busy streets, three dimensionally mapping subsurface assets on infrastructure projects or supporting cultural heritage investigations in environmentally sensitive areas, SMS offers an unmatched mix of subsurface capabilities coupled with a range of value-added consulting services. SMS has pioneered a standards-based subsurface methodology in alignment with Australian Standard AS5488. This best practice approach encapsulates all aspects of traditional utility location, utilising the latest detection equipment and techniques and market leading survey resources. Our methodology is set out diagrammatically and involves the following key steps, many of which are not traditionally offered by utility locators;

  • Pre-deployment investigations
  • Consolidation of public and private data (schematic or positioned)
  • Verification and reporting of services using non-destructive digging and potholing
  • Complex mapping and delivery

Our Services

Our services extend beyond traditional utility detection and include subsurface services to detect and map geophysical and archaeological assets including voids, geological and archaeological features and other subsurface assets. All of our utility technicians are experienced and qualified and hold the below training and accreditations;

  • National Utility Locating Contractors Association (NULCA)
  • Before You Dig Australia (BYDA).
  • Industry White Cards
  • Confined space entry and working at heights
  • NWPNET037 Inspect Sewer or Stormwater Assets (for CCTV condition inspections)

Our niche service offering extends to all types ofCCTV condition assessments, trenchless pipe repair technologmulti-array GPR and concrete scanning.

Our Managing Director

Andrew Watson

Managing Director

Experienced manager with excellent client and project management skills. Action-oriented with a strong ability to communicate effectively and proactive in identifying and developing solutions for process inefficiencies. Ten years direct experience working with engineering companies providing PUP information for design, feasibility and or construction projects. Hands on resourceful manager with more than 20 years' experience leading teams, with a strong background improving the performance, productivity, efficiency and profitability of departmental and organizational operations.

Responsibilities: PUP Investigations, EMI locating Projects, Ground Penetrating Radar Projects

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Determination of the location of underground utilities can be like solving a puzzle

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