Industry Sectors - Infrastructure

The infrastructure sector heavily relies on companies like Subsurface Mapping Solutions to conduct comprehensive assessments of various infrastructure projects. The use of advanced technologies and techniques to map and analyse underground infrastructure is essential in identifying potential hazards, mitigating risks, and ensuring the longevity and durability of the infrastructure.

Our proven track record on infrastructure projects provide valuable insights and assessments on the infrastructure condition, allowing stakeholders to make data-driven decisions and optimise resources. Furthermore, our expertise in assessing underground infrastructure such as sewer and stormwater systems provides critical information necessary for effective management and maintenance, avoiding costly and disruptive disruptions to critical infrastructure systems.

Recent Projects:

  • Coomera Connector
  • Pacific Motorway Eight Mile Plains to Daisy Hill Upgrade
  • Pacific Motorway Burleigh to Palm Beach Upgrade
  • Pacific Motorway M1 M3 Gateway Merge

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Determination of the location of underground utilities can be like solving a puzzle

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